Services That Drive Digital Transformation

With experience in professional services and project delivery, Maxitech help enterprises streamline operations by optimizing the deployment of leading business process management solutions.


Corporate Innovation

Maxitech fuels growth by identifying, nurturing, developing and deploying groundbreaking technologies from startups that it thoroughly vets.

Startup Partnerships

For innovative startups that are looking for a gateway and path to the enterprise, Maxitech provides the partnership startups need to succeed.

Professional Services

To help enterprises streamline their operations, Maxitech optimizes development and deployment of software including Pega, a market-leading business process management solution.

Developing a banking first robot-human interaction experience for its customers

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Deploying a technology for a voice-enabled assistant for mobile banking and mobile wallet

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Success Story

“Maxitech, through a PoC, showed us what Clinc can do and helped us understand what resources we’d need to have with customized capabilities”

Halim Memis
Head of Strategy and Business Development at Digital Banking Işbank

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