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If you’re looking to invest in high-quality startups, we can help.

Best-in-class startups and technologies are hard to find. With our research and data-driven insights, we can help ventures identify promising startups with high-growth potential.

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Connecting Enterprises With Startups

Large enterprises come to us to drive their innovation initiatives. We help CTOs grow their businesses by connecting them with best-in-class U.S. startups and technologies sourced from our partners and VC portfolios.

Linking U.S. Startups With The Global Market

Our parent company, Softtech, is a leading European technology company. With large sales teams in Europe and Turkey, Softtech is positioned to become a reseller and integration partner with our U.S. startups. We created four startup partnerships with Softtech in 2020.

Product Validation and Proof of Concept

As an innovation arm of the largest private bank in Turkey, we know how to identify relevant technologies from the enterprise point of view. Our San Francisco-based engineers are experienced at assessing technology with PoCs.

Professional Development Services

We offer affordable professional development services backed by our parent company, Softtech. We provide scalable development teams that deliver quality results while following strict enterprise development and compliance standards.

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