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If you’re looking to sell into enterprises, we can help.

Large enterprises come to us to drive their innovation initiatives. We help enterprise CTOs grow their businesses by connecting them with best-in-class startups and technologies sourced from our partners and VC portfolios.

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Get Your Foot in The Door

Many startups struggle to identify the best person to champion their solution in an enterprise organization. Through our network, we can find the right person, and get the conversation started.

Proof of Concept

We test and provide you with product feedback from the enterprise perspective to improve the vetting process and to validate your product’s value proposition. To assess your technology, we also implement proofs of concept with our San Francisco-based engineers.

Integrate with Enterprise Systems

Most enterprises have legacy systems. Integrating with these systems can challenge even the most innovative startups. With our enterprise experience, we can help ensure a smooth integration with those systems.

Expand into the U.S. Market

If you’re a non-U.S. startup, we can help you expand into the North American market. We did it, and we can show you how.

Extend Your Development Team

Need a technical staffing solution that quickly scales with your needs? We offer affordable professional development services backed by our parent company, Softtech to provide scalable development teams that deliver quality results while following strict development and compliance standards.

"Maxitech, through a PoC, showed us what a new startup could do and helped us understand how we can use it, and what resources we’d need to customize and implement it for our use case.” - Işbank

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