Innovate Your Enterprise Technology

If you’re looking to build a sustainable competitive advantage, you need to partner with innovators.

We can connect you with some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative minds and their technologies.

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Identifying Innovative Technologies

Best-in-class startups and technologies are hard to find. Through research, access to domain experts, and VC portfolios, we identify and vet promising new startups building transformational technologies.

Product Validation and Proof of Concept

To identify credible technologies from the enterprise point of view, we evaluate founders and their teams, past experiences, and investors. Our San Francisco-based engineers are also experienced at assessing technology with PoCs.

Partner With Startups

As a startup operating within an enterprise, we help bridge the cultural gaps that can exist between startups and enterprises, and project manage the innovation initiative.

Extend Your Development Team

Need a technical staffing solution that quickly scales with your needs? We offer affordable professional development services backed by our parent company, Softtech. As a McKinsey partner and the development organization that powers Isbank, we provide scalable development teams that deliver quality results while following strict enterprise development and compliance standards.

"Maxitech is the digital guide of many enterprises from different sectors and looking for the intersection of innovation and local expectations." - BKM

Why Work with Maxitech?

Discover early stage startups & technologies through closed or internal networks.

Accelerate connections to startups with solid due diligence on products & companies.

PoC and deployment of the technology with an accomplished team.

Bridge the cultural barriers between enterprises and startups.

Shortened legal procedures.

Experienced COBOL and Java developers to meet your staffing and resource needs

As a subsidiary of Softtech, Turkey's largest software development company, the Maxitech team connects companies needing COBOL services and developers with the Softtech team - all who have worked to transform the banking's functions. Our goal is to deliver true business value with COBOL resources while unlocking the power of experience team to meet your critical needs, now and in the future. Our team of engagement managers and developers are fast, scalable and highly experienced to help your business achieve maximum value from your COBOL investment.

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