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With Maxitech’s Professional Services for COBOL, companies have access to our experienced senior COBOL and Java developers to meet your staffing and resource needs.

COBOL continues to support nearly 90% of Fortune 500 business systems today, running 85% of all business transactions and 95% of ATM swipes. In a recent survey, over 92% of respondents believe their existing COBOL applications are strategic to the business, up from 2017. Additionally, research found that 63% of respondents will be improving on their COBOL systems in 2020. Moreover, COBOL code bases continue to grow, with the average code base now running to 9.9 million lines, versus 8.4 million in 2017 – reflecting the ongoing investment, re-use and expansion in core business systems.

As a subsidiary of Softtech, Turkey's largest software development company, and Isbank, Turkey's largest private bank, the US-based Maxitech team connects companies needing COBOL services and developers – all who have worked to transform the banking's functions. 

Our goal is to deliver true business value with COBOL resources while unlocking the power of experience team to meet your critical needs, now and in the future. Our team of engagement managers and developers are fast, scalable and highly experienced to help your business achieve maximum value from your COBOL investment.

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Our experienced team delivers quality services at a competitive cost point for development, support or maintenance of your COBOL systems providing your business with the right technical and staffing requirements including 25+ years of IMS DB and MVS experience and 20+ years of DB2 and CICS experience.


Experienced COBOL Developers

Senior Level or Higher Developers

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Customizing COBOL to deliver value quickly and effectively.

Custom Development

Your COBOL business needs are unique and should be built to capture those needs.


Automating connections between COBOL, 3rd party and internal systems.

Business Process

Development of best practices and analysis of your existing business and system infrastructure.


Re-engineer your COBOL environment to meet current and future needs.

Managed Services

Provide full and part-time management, configuration, and development help at scale.

Case Study

Our Experience

When IsBank, suffered a massive operational breakdown with a 16-hour outage, the bank realized it was time to change how it interacted with the business. The result – an internal initiative to focus on its core banking, data foundation, front-end, middleware and payments hub with all functions written in COBOL. 


The Continued Need For COBOL Developers

COBOL isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Read our blog "The Continued Need For COBOL Developers" and learn who is using COBOL, where COBOL is heading and how Maxitech connects businesses with talented COBOL professionals.

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