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We make Fintech Magic.

Maxitech Group’s mission is to bridge technology, culture and finance to enable a superior banking experience for all of its customers.



Maxitech Group is a San Francisco based Fintech accelerator backed by one of the top European financial institutions, Isbank. The Group scouts out, partners with, and invests in companies to bring innovative banking products to the global market, enhancing the customer banking experience.


Working with our sister company, Softtech, Isbank’s development arm, we foster digital transformation for the bank. Maxitech understands the requirements for a successful partnership with Isbank, and can accelerate opportunities for Fintech start-ups and enterprises.


Work With Us


Support Your Growth

  • Top-notch Development Teams
  • Product Co-Development
  • Feedback from a Large Bank
  • Test Drive with Massive Data Set


Increase Revenue

  • Resell your Fintech Products & Solutions with Softtech
  • License your technology to Isbank
  • Expand into international markets

Consult Us

  • Digital Transformation
  • Research and Development
  • Co-Marketing
  • Market and Trend Reports

Find Investment

  • Invest with us
  • Get funding
  • Corporate Innovation
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