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Maxitech is a San Francisco-based corporate innovation consultancy company founded in 2016 as part of the joint digital transformation initiative of Turkey's largest software development house Softtech, a subsidiary of Isbank, one of Turkey's largest banks. The original purpose of Maxitech was to assist Softtech and Isbank with their digitalization strategy by identifying key partnership opportunities with Silicon Valley startups. Following this scouting process, Maxitech's job was to run proof-of-concept projects with said startups to evaluate the technology, determine the fit, and follow-through by managing the negotiations and assisting with implementation and adoption.

After completing numerous projects with startups worldwide, utilizing technologies like AI, Robotics, and Edge Computing, Maxitech framed the work it has been executing with Isbank and Softtech under Corporate Innovation Services and started offering this service to out-of-group industry and technology giants.

While our roots are in Banking and Financial Technologies, we have been working with clients from various industries ranging from Manufacturing to Insurance, Retail to R&D. Combining with this varied experience, having access to Softtech's 1200 talented engineers allows us to tackle large and intricate projects. The global reach between us, Softtech, and our sister company, Softtech China based in Shanghai, places us in a unique position to boost innovation efforts effectively.

Join us if you want to shape the business models of the future by partnering up with the best innovative minds of Silicon Valley.

Reports To:
The Head of Corporate Innovation, San Francisco

Full Time - 535 Mission St. 14th floor San Francisco, CA 94105

You will:

• Understand the needs and expectations of our customers and source for the best-in-class startups accordingly
• Create connections between cutting edge technologies and new business models.
• Expand our business network in the Silicon Valley through attending and organizing events & meetups, networking with VCs and founders, and analyzing portfolios of incubators, VCs, and accelerators.
• Develop relationships with partnered startups while maintaining existing relationships.
• Vet and compare select startups' products and teams before offering to our customers.
• Learn Softtech's (our parent) product and services, select the most relevant ones for the US market, and coach product managers to adopt product/market fit.
• Identify new business opportunities in the US market and complete appropriate research on the prospective client's business needs.

We are looking for someone who has:

 • 2+ years of business development experience, preferably at a tech company with a track record of performance.
• An existing business network in Silicon Valley.
• Ability to translate the newest technology into the real business for creating value for our customers.
• Strong analytical and quantitative capabilities.
• Ability to understand the dynamics of corporate innovation and to build great relationships with our clients and other stakeholders.
• Solid stakeholder influencing and communication skills.
• Ability to operate in a fast-paced environment.
• Continuous passion for learning.

 Our principles:

• Be on the bleeding edge of tech.
• Be a real team player.
• Have an ownership mindset.
• Think out of the box: speak up and challenge.
• Be transparent.
• Bring solutions to problems rather than the other way around.
• Prioritize positive socio-economic impact over personal wealth.
• Be excited about what you're accomplishing. 


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